Sunday, May 8, 2011

Virus Protection For Mac

Free Anti Virus Protection For Mac

Computer virus invasion indeed increasingly intensified. Operating system which is known secure enough also attacked by viruses. Like Mac operating system. For that, Sophos anti-virus as the manufacturer offers virus protection for mac users. And the good news, this virus protection for mac software can be used free of charge.

Virus Protection For Mac
Operating system without mac virus protection is like an open gate where malicious programs can penetrate any computer in the network, so will result in tens of thousands of infected computer. For this reason, Sophos antivirus companies, have launched a new virus protection for mac.

Sophos virus protection for mac home edition is claimed to protect attack from all types malicious programs, such as Trojan and Spyware.

For who interested to try this virus protection for mac, this software can be downloaded via Sophos website.

Download this free virus protection for mac at :

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