Saturday, May 7, 2011

Anti Virus Software Reviews

The Best Anti Virus Software Reviews

At this time the choice of antivirus for your computer increasingly numerous and various. In selecting an antivirus, we must be able to select and sort out the best for us.

Basically the entire antivirus has same functionality that is securing your computer from viruses and things that harm your computer. Here the Best anti virus software reviews:

1. Anti Virus Software Reviews - Bit Defender Antivirus 2011
This Antivirus uses advanced technology algorithms and methods for identifying security risks and threats even before it knew would harm your computer. It is used by millions of computer users around the world and also the price of anti virus software is a fairly affordable.

2.  Anti Virus Software Reviews - Norton Antivirus 2011
Symantec Corporation Norton Antivirus latest re-release for 2011. Those advantages is still at the new features that you did not find in the other antiviral agents, such as auto fix technology that predicts damage to your computer and fix it.

3. Anti Virus Software Reviews - F Secure Antivirus 2011
F-Secure Anti Virus Software is a famous PC security tool in the world and security of the mobile world. F-Secure Anti virus software reviews and offers unique hi-tech to protect your computer against the most dangerous viruses and spy ware.

4. Anti Virus Software Reviews - ESET Nod32 Antivirus 4
ESET NOD32 anti virus software is produced by ESET. This is the fourth version of Norton Antivirus. ESET proactively detects and disables viruses, Trojans, worms, ad ware, spy ware, phasing, and root kits. ESET NOD32 anti virus software reviews also has a sophisticated scanning and access control for portable media.

5. Anti Virus Software Reviews - Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus 2011
You may know by name of PC-Celli and produced by Trend Micro. Excellent feature of this anti virus software is presence of cloud security for real time protection and also updates in real time. However Trend Micro Titanium has several drawbacks, one of them at prices which tend to be more expensive, and relatively slow in the scanning process.

6. Anti Virus Software Reviews - Kaspersky Antivirus 2011
Kaspersky antivirus software protects your computer against unknown threats, and unwanted data. Kaspersky anti virus software can monitor the system activities by user applications, so it can prevent the dangerous actions. Fully compatible with Windows 7, Kaspersky also provides security software for home computers, business and corporate computers.

7. Anti Virus Software Reviews - Zone Alarm Antivirus 2011
There are no many sites that use this anti virus software reviews, one of the reason, because Zone Alarm antivirus software has not been certified by three independent testing laboratories institutions, namely Virus Bulletin, Checkmark and ICSA, Checkmark and ICSA.  Zone Alarm anti virus software is compatible with Windows 7, though many antivirus that has not been in accordance with the operating system. Zone Alarm Antivirus software 2011  can detect and remove viruses, spy ware, Trojans, worms, bots and other malicious code that can harm your computer.

8. Anti Virus Software Reviews - AVG Antivirus 9.0
AVG anti virus software 2011 has two advantages that in the Link Scanner and Social Networking Protection. Almost similar with Avira, AVG sometimes very overprotective to programs they do not know, and considered a virus or malware. AVG anti virus software reviews offers quick for the home computer and office computer users. This software provides maximum protection, not slow down your computer when scanning.

9. Anti Virus Software Reviews - McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011
McAfee anti virus plus 2011 software is one of the oldest companies and most experienced at computer security industry. McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011 is an improved version and is much faster than the previous versions. With thousands of new viruses are created every day, depending in the manual updates is not enough anymore. Therefore McAfee anti virus software release technology Active Protection which plays an important role. Although the McAfee antivirus software is slower than other antivirus software, but still strong for desktops and notebooks.

10. Anti Virus Software Reviews - CA Antivirus 2011
CA antivirus plus anti spyware 2011 is antivirus software that is able to protect desktops or notebooks from harmful viruses, spy ware, Trojans, hackers and more.

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