Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anti Virus Online

How to Get Free Anti Virus Online

To Find The Best Free Anti Virus Online Program, Please Read Some Of The Steps Below:

The First Step
Type the keywords "free anti virus online" at the search engines then enter. You will see so many results of anti virus keywords that you search. Visit or click the anti virus online website, at least 5 website. Read the terms and conditions that offered by the anti virus online website.

The Second Step
Select and download the anti virus online that provide many features protection type. For example, the most popular free anti virus online today is the AVG anti-virus and Avast anti virus. The both anti virus online can protect your computer from ad ware and spy ware threats.

The Third Step
At the several anti virus online website that you can find, choose anti-virus program that suits your needs. You also need to know,
Do not ever try to install more than one anti virus. Because most anti virus online programs conflict to each other and if you installing more than one anti-virus, it can make your computer system slow down.

The Fourth Step
After you have chosen the suit antivirus for your computer, download the anti virus online to your computer and install it. After installation finish, you can use this antivirus to scan your computer.

Be sure always update your antivirus software every day. Ok. See you in the next article. Good luck.

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