Monday, May 2, 2011

Mac Virus Scan

Guide to Use Mac Virus Scan

Today, many similar viruses like Trojans and other viruses that can lead destruction to your laptop system. There are several viruses which can convert your files, even there is also a virus that can change the settings of your computer system thus causing your computer can not be used as usual.

For computers that using operating system like windows are easily influenced by the virus, and if your computer are using  Mac Operating system, do not always things that is already resistant to viruses, but there are some cases found that the System of Mac users also have a viral infection.

For prevention, be better to buy antivirus software that specifically designed for Mac Operating System. You can easily to buy a Mac virus scan at online store.

When you have already purchase Mac virus scan, below I give you guide to use Mac virus scan.

Mac Virus Scan
The first step, Install the Mac virus scan or Mac virus protection software by opening the Mac virus scan dmg file, and wait your computer copy the Mac virus scan software program until finish. This process of copying the Mac virus scan only takes a short time.

The two steps, when you have finished installing the Mac virus scan software, open the application and then click two times on the Mac virus scan software icon. Wait a few seconds, your Mac virus scan program would open. You possible obtain a notification requesting for permission for running the Mac virus scan program. When this case occurred, enabling the program of Mac virus scan to continue. After installing the Mac virus scan program, you possible necessary to install the other additional software or the other virus definition prior you can use the Mac virus scan program.

The third step is click the scan of Mac virus scan button for proceed the Mac virus scan to your computer. When you are requested for choosing the section of your hard drive to the first scanning, click Macintosh Hard Disk / HD, and later click Open. Mac virus scan will run and start to check your computer's hard drive

The fourth Step, delete all viruses detected on your computer. If no virus is detected, press command and Q at the same time to shut down your Mac virus scan software program. Good luck.

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