Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mac Virus Protection

Protect Your Computer with Mac Virus Protection

Over the past few years, we have never sounded Mac users have a viral infection while not using Mac virus protection. But today, I get the news that Macs have viruses.

If you frequently download software from the Internet, we recommend use Mac virus protection is a good choice. Especially if you frequently download software like pirated software, pirated music. This software often followed by malware type virus

For that installing Mac virus protection for malware will protect your computer from this virus. That a very good idea if you also turn on your computer firewall. So that once you have double protection. Besides malware threats, you also must always be aware that there are still many other viruses that can attack your computer system such as sypware and the other viruses.

Mac Virus Protection
If your Mac virus protection fails to protect your computer from the other virus attacks so at least you still have protection from the firewall. So it is very important to enable your firewall protection.  Today many people use Antivirus 1.0.3 for Mac virus protection.

How Can I Find the Antivirus 1.0.3 for Protecting Your Mac?

1. Buy and download Mac Virus Protection software to your computer, then run Mac Virus Protection software that have been downloading, wait a minute until a box appears. Fill the Mac virus protection box and then restart your computer

2. On your desktop, click the Mac virus protection icon program that have been installed, in the file menu, select preferences. Then please check Automatic Updates box that appears on your Mac virus protection program, to shut the window, press the red button on the top left corner of your Mac virus protection program.

3. Double-click the Mac Virus Protection icon on the left column of your Mac Virus Protection software, then it appears a new window and in the name column enter the daily scan, then select the location of your computer that will be scanned

4. Turn on your scan schedule. Select the daily schedule scans on your Mac virus protection program.

5. Check the Mac virus protection update button and close the window by pressing the ok button.

6. Press the Mac virus scan button on your Mac virus protection program. Wait until the scan is complete.

7. If the Mac virus protection program indicates has a virus, immediately remove the virus by pressing the delete button.

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