Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Top antivirus software

Top Antivirus Software Review

Below is collection of top antivirus software which be used by many people currently.

1. Top Antivirus Software - AVG Anti-virus 2011
AVG Anti-Virus 2011 is one of the most security program commonly used, with simple display that suitable for users which want security without bothered with various button configurations. With innovative new features and performance improvements AVG perform better from ever. Link Scanner of this top antivirus software is a new feature in version 2011 provides security protection from malware which currently spreading through many social networking websites. Recommended PC Analyzer will scan at your computer for find registry errors, junk files, disk errors and broken short cut which can be corrected.

2. Top Antivirus Software - G DATA Antivirus 2011
G DATA Antivirus 2011 provides security protection from malware with using different tecnology to scanning engine that is heuristic and self-learning fingerprinting. G DATA is a top antivirus software program that is affordable with which high level of security protection and user friendly interface that allows users to operate the program. However, the top antivirus software has a deficiency in the absence of features gamer mode, battery saving mode and a link scanner.

3. Top Antivirus Software - Avira Antivirus 2011
Avira Antivirus Premium has performance and security which balanced protection that known as cost-effective. This top antivirus software is the right solution for protect PC from threat of viruses or malware currently. With the scanner feature to scan all files that is accessed in a matter of less from one second before the file is opened by user. This top antivirus software able to create a bootable rescue disk that is very useful when your PC crashes and will not restart normally. But the lack from top antivirus software is heuristic analysis technology and detection is sometimes overprotective, so block or delete files which are not malware as a threat.

4. Top Antivirus Software - Vipre Antivirus 4
This top antivirus software have most efficient scanning engine with advanced heuristic Technology, Rescan and Cobra are dynamically able to find the malware before it infects your computer, with Home Site License is suitable for use by home user which have more than one PC. With a secure file eraser feature this top antivirus software allows the user for delete sensitive files permanently without worrying about the threat of malware or viruses. However Installation this top antivirus software program is not as easy as the others antivirus.

5. Top Antivirus Software - Trend Micro Titanium Antivirus +
This top antivirus software have cloud security features which provides protection and updates in real-time, Trend Micro antivirus Titanium detection of malware threats before it infects at your computer system. In addition because some files or parts of this top antivirus software in online hosts, user does not worry about the used of the hard disk space. This top antivirus software micro trend focuses more at speed performance, so no additional features or tools at the current version. Although not reduce the ability or necessary features of this top antivirus software, but this is a serious shortage which the competitor's antivirus software has been improving or adding the new powerful features in their top antivirus software products.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cheap Antivirus Software

How to Choose the Right Cheap Antivirus Software

There are several things you should compare and consider before you buy and download cheap antivirus software to your computer. These are:
  1. What type’s protections that provided by cheap antivirus software that you want to buy.
  2. How effective the cheap antivirus software can remove viruses from your computer.
  3. Does the cheap antivirus software program is easy to install or not? Select anti-virus program that is easy to install to your computer.
  4. Does the cheap antivirus software are easy to use?
  5. Choose cheap antivirus software that has more complete features. With this features your cheap antivirus software can works more optimally.
Minimum Features That Should Be Exist In Your Cheap Antivirus Software:
  1. Automatic renewal Features
  2. Anti-spy ware features, some anti-virus also provides protection for spy ware
  3. Firewall Features
  4. Anti-spam features, these features are required if you frequently connect to the Internet
Some Cheap Antivirus Software Program That Has a Complete Feature:

1. Norton Antivirus 2001

Norton can protect computers from viruses, spy ware and worms. Anti-virus provides a license for 3 computers.

2. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011

This antivirus will not slow your system and it easy to use. This Antivirus protects your Computer from malware, viruses and spy ware.

3. AVG Antivirus

This cheap antivirus software is very suitable user which often connected to the Internet. Besides protecting your computer from viruses, spy ware and malware, AVG also provides firewall protection.